TRF Registration info 2019-2020

Click below to download our most current forms.  These are for anyone enrolling at The Rhythm Factory Vocal & Dance Experience for the 2019-2020 Season.

TRF Registration Form 2019-2020 (doc)


Parent Consent Form 2019-2020 (doc)


TRF Registration Packet 2019-2020 (doc)


2019-2020 Schedule





Studio A

4-5pm  Ballet IV (RG)

5-5:45pm  Jazz IV (CE) 

5:45-6:30pm  Sr. Jumps & Turns (TO) 

6:30-7pm  Tap IV (CE) 

7-8pm  Ballet /Jazz III (BP)

Studio B/C

5-5:30pm  Hip Hop I (ES) 

5:30-6pm  Jr. Lyrical (ES)

6-6:30pm  Hip Hop II (ES) 

6:30-7pm  Tap III (BP) 

7-8:15pm Sr. Lyrical/Contemporary (CE)


Studio A

4:00-4:45pm  Musical Theatre (AT) 

4:45-5:30pm  Dramatic Arts (AT)

5:30-6:15pm  Gleeks II (TF) 

6:30-7:30pm  Gleeks III (TO) 

Studio B

4:15-4:45pm  Gleeks I (TF) 

4:45-5:15pm  Hip Hop/Tap for Boys (TF) 

Studio C

5:15-5:45pm  Vocal Tech I (GD) 

5:45-6:30pm  Vocal Tech III (GD) 

6:30-7:15pm Vocal Tech II (GD) 


Studio A

4:15-5:30pm  Level IIB Dance (CE)

5:30-6:30  K-2nd Dance (MP)


Studio A

4-6:15pm  "Rhythmic Youth" Performance Team (Conditioning/Tech + Rehearsals) (TO, JW, ES)

6:30-7pm  Hip Hop III (ES)

7-8pm Lyrical/Contemporary III/IV (JW)

Studio B

4-6:15 "Rhythmic Youth" Performance Team 

(Conditioning + Rehearsals) (TO, JW, ES)

6:15-7:30pm  Level IIA Dance (CB)

7:30-8pm  Jr. Jumps & Turns (CB)

8-8:30pm  Pointe (CB) 

Studio C

*Rhythmic Youth Vocals as needed (TO) 



Studio A/B

4:30-5:15  3-5yo Dance (BT)

5:15-6:15  Level I Dance (BT) 


Wednesdays @ Central Hall

4-4:45pm  Pre-K Dance (RE)

4:45-5:45  Level I Dance (RE) 


CLASSES IN BENTON!!! Instructor: Caitie Easter

4-4:45pm  Combo Dance for 3-5yos

4:45-5:45pm  Combo Dance for Grades 1-5

5:45-6:15pm  Hip Hop for Grades 1-5

6:15-7pm  "Gleeks" for Grades 3-8


TO = Tiffany Okerson

CB = Christy Bowkamp

ES = Emily Swinford

CE = Caitie Easter

JW = Jordan Williams

CE = Cassidy Edwards

AT = Amber Taylor

GJ = George Donelson

BT = Britney Tilford

TF = Tyran Fitzgerald

RG = Rebecca Gangemella 

MP = Marci Paris 

RE = Reagan Easter 


Class Descriptions


3-5yo Dance (A combo class of Ballet, Tap & Acrobatics) 45 minutes;  3-4 years old   

5-7yo/Dance I (A beginner combo class of Ballet, Tap & Jazz) 1 hr.; Grades K-2

Dance II (A beginner/intermediate combo class of Ballet, Tap & Jazz) 1 hr. 15 min.; Grades 3-5

Dance III (A beginner/intermediate combo class of Ballet & Jazz) 1 hr.; Grades 5-8

Tap III/IV (This class is all about rhythm!  Students will train in classical techniques as well as more "hoofing" styles) 30 minutes; Grades 5-12

Jr. Lyrical (A beginner lyrical class for students wanting to expand their ballet repertoire. This style is more fluid and emotion-driven than traditional ballet.) 30 minutes; Grades 3-6 with a minimum of 1 year of Ballet

Lyrical/Contemporary III/IV (The Lyrical style is more fluid and emotion-driven; the Contemporary style is more complex with its shapes and textures in movement.) 1 hr.; Middle and Beginner High Schoolers with a minimum of 1 year of Ballet

Ballet IV (Students will train in classical techniques such as Vagonova and the more modern Horton technique.) 1 hr.; Intermediate/Advanced Middle & High Schoolers

Jazz IV (This style has so many facets - from the classical Giordano technique to ethnic styles like African and Bollywood to Jazz Funk! This class will give students the chance to build their Jazz repertoire and explore the many layers of this fun style.) 45 minutes; Intermediate/Advanced Middle & High Schoolers

Lyrical/Contemporary V (A continuation of Level III/IV with a little more intensity) 1 hr. 15 min.; Intermediate/Advanced High Schoolers with a minimum of 3 years of Ballet

 "Gleeks" I, II & III (A Glee Club experience like none other! Students will study various styles & eras of music while learning performance skills, harmonizing, and movement while singing.)  Level I – 30 minutes; Grades 1-3

Level II - 45 minutes; Grades 4-7     Level III - 1 hr.; Grades 8-12

Vocal Technique & Performance (A class designed to help singers improve upon techniques such as diction, breathing, pitch, and placement, as well as helping them find their unique individual voice.)  Level I - 30 min.; Grades 1-3 (Beginner)

Level II - 45 min.; Grades 4-7 (Intermediate)

Level III - 45 min.; Grades 8-12 (Advanced) 

Hip Hop (Urban-infused dance style that explores traditional modern moves like Pop & Lock, B-Boy, Tutting, Breaking, social/commercial dancing and more!)   

Level I – 30 minutes, Grades 1-3 

Level II – 30 minutes, Grades 4-7

Level III - 30 minutes,  Grades 8-12

Pointe (Students who want to take their Ballet technique to the next level!) 30 minutes; 

Level III and IV Dance students per instructor's approval (good ankle strength is a must!)

Jumps & Turns (A wide-range class for dancers in 4th grade or higher with a minimum of 3 years dance training, or upon teacher's consent; will also implement some tumbling and lifts in this class.) 

Jrs. - 30 minutes; Grades 4-7     Srs. - 45 minutes; Grades 8-12

Tap/Hip Hop for Boys (An all-boys combo class...each student will dabble between the two styles every other week in the 1st semester and pick their favorite to train in and perform in the 2nd semester!) Ages 6-12  

Musical Theatre (Calling all triple threats! Sing, dance and act your way into the world of Broadway - from the classics to contemporary musical favorites!) Ages 10-17    

Jr. Dramatic Arts (Explores the world of theatre, from stage to screen! Acting exercises, theatre history, behind the scenes, improv, stage craft and more!) 45 minutes; Grades 3-7

Rhythmic Youth Performance Team (This for more serious vocal and dance students ages 8 and up that are chosen for the team based on merit and years of experience (Also must have attended the Legendary Camp over the summer). Weekly rehearsals will be used for learning and polishing featured routines as well as a time for conditioning and building technique.) 

Private Voice (30-minute to hour sessions; by appt. only)    

Private Dance (30-minute to hour sessions; by appt. only)

*NOTE: Ability and years of experience will also contribute to a child's class placement.  Class placement is not always based on age alone. 




Monthly Tuition

Pre-K Dance - $48/mo. 

Tap/Hip Hop for Boys - $38/mo.

Dance I (Tap, Jazz, Ballet) - $52/mo.

Dance II (Tap, Jazz, Ballet) – $58/mo. 

Dance III (Tap, Jazz, Ballet) - $62/mo. 

Dance IV Ballet - $52/mo.

Jr. Lyrical & Contemporary Dance  $38/mo.

Lyrical/Contemporary III/IV - $52/mo.

Lyrical/Contemporary V - $58/mo.

Hip Hop (Level I, II or III)  $38/mo.  


Jr. Dramatic Arts - $48/mo.


Gleeks I - $38/mo.

Gleeks II - $48/mo. 

Gleeks III - $52/mo.

Vocal Tech I - $38/mo. 

Vocal Tech II & III - $48/mo.

Jr. Jumps & Turns - $38/mo.

Sr. Jumps & Turns - $48/mo.

"Rhythmic Youth" - $25/mo. 

Private Lessons (separate cost from regular tuition) 

$18 per half hour for students who are enrolled in at least one TRF class 

$22 per half hour for non-class students  

Class Load Incentive Breakdown

Take a “Base” Combo Class (ex. Level I Dance) = $xx   

Add on a 2nd, 3rd and 4th class for just $15/mo. each 

5th class and beyond  = $10/mo. each        


Take 1 Single “Base” Class (ex. Gleeks, Hip Hop) = $xx   

Add on a 2nd class for just $20/mo.   

3rd and 4th class = $15/mo. each  

5th class and beyond = $10/mo. each     

***Unlimited classes for $150/month!***

(Rhythmic Youth is an additional cost.)