TRF Registration info 2017-2018

Click below to download our most current forms.  These are for anyone enrolling at The Rhythm Factory Vocal & Dance Experience for the 2017-2018 Season.

TRF Registration Packet 2017-2018 (doc)


TRF Registration Form 2017-2018 (doc)


Parent Consent Form 2017-2018 (doc)


2017-2018 Schedule


Studio A  

RY Recreational Dance 4:45-5:45 (TO, JW, CE) 

Ballet IV 5:45-6:45 (JC) 

RY Competitive Dance 6:45-8:15 (TO, JW, CE)   

Studio B  

Pre-K (3-4 year olds) 4:30-5:15 (JC, CE)   

Barre Evolution Classes 5:30-7:45 (MP) 


Studio C (Music Room) 

*Workshop 1 4-4:45 (also using studio A) (AT)  

Sr Drama 4:45-5:30 (AT) 

Jr Drama 5:45-6:15 (AT)   


Metropolis Classes - Central Hall 

Pre K 4-4:45 (CE)  

Level I 4:45-5:45 (CE)  

Studio A  

Level III Dance 4-5:30 (JW) 

Level II Dance 5:30-6:45 (CB) 

**Workshop 2 7:00-7:45 (CB, JW, CE, ES) 

Tech and Conditioning 7:45-8:30 (ES)   

Studio B  

Music & Movement 5:00-5:30 (JL)  

Fuzion 1 5:30-6:00 (JL)  

Hip Hop 1 6:00-6:30 (ES)  

Hip Hop 2 6:45-7:15 (ES) 

Fuzion 2 7:15-7:45 (JL) 

Studio C (Music Room)  

Jr. Vocal Technique 4:30-5:00 (JL)

Sr. Vocal Technique 6:15-7:00



Studio A  

Jazz 4:15-5:00 (TO) 

Lyrical 5-5:30 (TO) 

Contemporary 5:30-6:00 (TO)  

Studio B  

Tap 3:45-4:15 (TO) 

Barre Evolution Classes 5:30-7:45 (MP)   


Studio A  

Recreational Ensemble 4-4:30 (TO)  

Competitive Ensemble 5:15-6 (TO)  

Hip Hop 3 6-6:45 (JW) 

Fuzion 3 6:45-7:30 (AT) 

Jumps & Turns 7:30-8:15 (CB)   

Studio B  

Level 1A 4:15-5:15 (CE)  

Level 1B 5:15-6:15 (CE) 

Jr. Lyrical/Contemporary 6:15-6:45 (TO)  

Studio C (Music Room)  

***Workshop 3 4:30-5:15 (JW, TO)  

Friday: Private Lessons and extra rehearsals  

Saturday: Extra RY practices as needed  

*Workshop 1: Stage Makeup, Stage Combat, Costume Construction 

**Workshop 2: Choreography & Improvisation, Pre-Pointe, Convention Prep 

***Workshop 3: Filmmaking, A Capella Voice, Songwriting  

TO = Tiff 

JC = Joan  

AT = Amber 

CB = Christy  

JW = Jordan 

CE = Caitie 

ES = Emily 

JL = Jonah 

MP = Marci (Barre Evolution)  

NOTE: ALL dancers are encouraged to be enrolled in a ballet class. Rhythmic Youth Dancers are required to be enrolled in Ballet and Jazz.  Rhythmic Youth Singers are required to be enrolled in a Fuzion or Vocal Technique class.

Class Descriptions

3 yr. old Pre-K Dance (A combo class of Ballet & Tap) 30 minutes; 3 years old 

4 yr. old Pre-K Dance (A combo class of Ballet, Tap & Acrobatics) 45 minutes;  4 years old  

4-5 year old Movement & Music (A great class for boys! Combining movement, singing, and musical instruments, this class will teach basic rhythms and channel creativity!) 30 minutes; Pre K-Kindergarten  

Dance I (A combo class of Ballet, Tap & Pre-Jazz) 1 hr.; Grades K-2

Dance II (A combo class of Ballet, Tap & Jazz) 1 hr. 15 min.; Grades 2-4

Dance III (A combo class of Ballet, Tap & Jazz) 1 hr. 30 min.; Grades 4-6

Jr. Lyrical & Contemporary (A pre-lyrical/contemporary class for students wanting to expand their ballet repertoire. The Lyrical style is more fluid and emotion-driven; the Contemporary style is more complex with its shapes and textures in movement.) 30 minutes; Grades 2-6 with a minimum of 2 years of Ballet

Dance IV (May combine any of the following classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary) Intermediate/Advanced Middle & High Schoolers (classes vary from 30-45 minutes each)  

"Fuzion" (A specialty class that blends singing, dancing and dramatic arts all in one! Students will study various styles & eras of music history.)  Level I – 30 minutes, Grades 1-3; Level II – 30 minutes, Grades 4-6; Level III - 45 minutes, Grades 7-12  

Vocal Technique (A class designed to help singers improve upon techniques such as diction, breathing, pitch, and placement, as well as helping them find their unique individual voice.)  30 minutes 

Hip Hop (Urban-infused dance style that combines fitness and fun!)   Level I – 30 minutes, Grades 1-3; Level II – 30 minutes, Grades 4-6; Level III - 45 minutes,  Grades 7-12

Technique & Conditioning (All RY students 8 and up encouraged, Competitive dancers required. Non-RY students 10 and up welcome.  This is a supplemental class to Ballet for more serious students who want to build endurance, core strength and become more “polished” in their dancing.) 45 minutes

Jumps & Turns (A wide-range class for dancers 10 and up with a minimum of 3 years dance training, or upon teacher's consent; will also implement some tumbling and lifts in this class.) 45 minutes

Dramatic Arts (Explores the world of theatre, from stage to screen! Acting exercises, theatre history, behind the scenes, improv, and more!) Jrs. – 30 minutes, Grades 2-6; Srs. – 45 minutes, Grades 7-12  

Workshop 1 - Stage Makeup, Stage Combat, & Costume Construction (A series of unique, hands-on classes teaching several methods that are valued in the theater world!) – Each workshop is 5 weeks per semester; 45 minutes

Workshop 2 - Pre-Pointe (Students are permitted take this class upon teacher's consent. A pointe-ready dancer varies from person to person, and is based on their individual core strength and muscle/joint development, usually being no younger than 12 years old) This will be paired with Convention Prep and Choreography & Improvisation Workshops – 5 weeks each per semester; 45 minutes 

Workshop 3 - A Capella Voice, Songwriting & Filmmaking (A cappella singing is the best way to train your ear! Learn similar vocal skills to bands like Pentatonix; Songwriting – Learn to write creatively and add melodies to your poetry; Filmmaking – Acting, screenwriting, directing, producing and editing!) – Each workshop is 5 weeks per semester; 45 minutes  

Private Voice (30-minute to hour sessions; by appt. only)    

Private Dance (30-minute to hour sessions; by appt. only)

"Rhythmic Youth" - TRF's Performance Team (singers, dancers and actors) that participates in various events throughout the Purchase Area.  For students 8 years of age or older who are disciplined, dedicated, and passionate about the arts. 

(NOTE: If unaware of or unable to attend the RY intensive camp in July, select students may still be asked to join RY, based on merit.)

*NOTE: Ability and years of experience will also contribute to a child's class placement.  Class placement is not always based on age alone. 


***Adult Dance Classes also available through Marci Paris with Barre Evolution!***  


Monthly Tuition

3 yr. old Pre-K Dance - $35/mo. 

4 & 5 yr. old Movement & Music - $35/mo. 

4 yr. old Pre-K Dance - $45/mo.  

Dance I (Tap, Jazz, Ballet) - $50/mo.

Dance II (Tap, Jazz, Ballet) – $55/mo. 

Dance III (Tap, Jazz, Ballet) - $60/mo. 

Dance IV Ballet + 1 style of your choice (Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, or Hip Hop) - $65/mo. 

Hip Hop or Fuzion (Level 1 or 2)  $35/mo. 

Combine both for $55/mo.

Hip Hop or Fuzion (Level 3) - $45/mo.  

Combine both for $65/mo.

Jr. Lyrical & Contemporary Dance  $35/mo.

Jr. Dramatic Arts - $35/mo. 

Sr. Dramatic Arts - $45/mo.

Vocal Technique - $35/mo. 

Jumps & Turns or Technique & Conditioning


Combine both for $65/mo.

Specialty Workshops 

Workshop 1: Stage Makeup/Stage Combat/Costume Construction 

Workshop 2: Convention Prep/Pre-Pointe/Choreography & Improvisation  

Workshop 3: A Capella Voice/Songwriting/ Filmmaking

$45/mo. for 1 or $85/mo. for all 3 

*TRF has countless other combinations to choose from!  Remember: the more classes you take, the greater the savings!

Private Lessons (separate cost from regular tuition) 

$15 per half hour for students who are enrolled in at least one TRF class 

$18 per half hour for non-class students  

Class Load Incentive Breakdown

Take a “Base” Combo Class (ex. Level I Dance) = $xx   

Add on a 2nd class for just $15/mo.   

3rd, 4th and 5th classes = $10 each/mo.   

After the 5th class, each class added onto a student’s class load is just $5!        


Take 1 “Base” Class (ex. Fuzion, Workshop 1) = $xx   

Add on a 2nd class for just $20/mo.   

3rd class = $15/mo.   

4th and 5th classes = $10 each/mo.   

After the 5th class, each class added onto a student’s class load is just $5/mo.!            

**Rhythmic Youth is a $20 flat rate monthly fee in addition to regular class tuition.**