The TRF Scholarship Fund

The TRF Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a non-profit entity (501 (c)(3): 82-1568542) of The Rhythm Factory Vocal & Dance Experience.  It was designed to assist families who are unable to afford an arts education for their children.  At TRF, we believe that every single child deserves to experience the joy of music, dance and theatre, and money should be no obstacle.  The arts are proven to heal, inspire and change lives, and thus we are dedicated to providing these opportunities to any child who wants them.   

We are proud to partner with the following businesses who share this mission:

Allen Music

Oscar Cross Boys & Girls Club of Paducah

Marshall County Arts Commission


If you, your business, or a business you are in close ties with would like to donate to this worthy cause or be a sponsor for a deserving child, please email us at    

Scholarship application

Scholarship Application (doc)