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Schedule and Pricing

(see below camp descriptions for printable registration form)

"Pretty as a Princess" Camp  -  June 12-16
Ages 3 thru 5:  10:00am-11:30am          Ages 6 thru 9:  4:00pm-5:30pm   

All ye royal subjects: come and learn what makes some of Disney's most beloved beauties so special through singing, dancing, skits and crafts!  The camp concludes on Friday, with a surprise visit from some of our favorite Disney princesses, complete with autograph signing, photos, and a one-of-a-kind performance!!!     Cost: $75

"Triple Threat" Camp    July 17-21 
                             Ages 9-12 and Ages 13-18              1: pm-5 pm
Have you always wanted to learn how to sing, dance AND act, all at the same time?!  If so, this is the camp for you!!!  At TRF, we will teach you more than just the Broadway way.  In a world that is versatile, we strive to give our students the opportunity to learn many styles of dance, vocal and acting methods to help them be genuinely well-rounded performers.  Even if you just love to sing, or just enjoy dancing or acting, you will LOVE this unique, high-energy camp, we guarantee it!    Cost: $100

Ages 9-12 AND Ages 13-18) - times TBA

This is for all young, serious and driven students who want to take their talent to the next level.  Material to be performed throughout the year will be learned at this camp. These students will have many opportunities to perform for highly esteemed community events and gain invaluable confidence, experience and friendships.  Any student interested MUST participate in the Triple Threat Camp the week before, and will then be invited to this camp based on their behavior, work ethic and natural ability.    Cost: $50

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TRF Registration Packet 2016-2017

Monday (STUDIO A)
4:00-6:00  "Rhythmic Youth"
6:00-6:30  Jr. Lyrical & Contemporary
6:30-7:30  Ballet IV
7:30-8:30  Ballet V

Monday (STUDIO B)
4:00-6:00  "Rhythmic Youth" Rehearsals
6:00-8:00  Privates (Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele)

Tuesday (STUDIO A)
4:15-5:45  Dance III
5:45-6:15  Jr. "Fuzion"
6:15-6:45  Jr. Hip Hop
6:45-7:30  Sr. "Fuzion"
7:30-8:00  Sr. Hip Hop
8:00-8:45  Jumps, Turns, Lifts & Acro 

Tuesday (STUDIO B)
5:45-6:15  Film Making
6:15-8:15  Privates (Vocal, Guitar, Piano)

Wednesday (STUDIO A)
3:45-4:30  Jazz IV
4:30-5:00  Tap IV/V
5:00-5:30  Contemporary IV/V
5:30-6:00  Lyrical IV/V

Wednesday (STUDIO B)
4:00-8:00  Privates (Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele)

Thursday (STUDIO A)

4:00-4:45  Pre-K Dance
4:45-5:45  Dance I
5:45-7:00  Dance II
7:00-7:45  Technique & Conditioning
7:45-8:15  Choreography & Improvisation  

Thursday (STUDIO B)
4:00-4:30  Jr. Drama 
4:30-5:15  Sr. Drama
5:15-5:45  Jr. Vocal Technique & Performance
5:45-6:15  Sr. Vocal Technique & Performance
6:15-8:15  Privates (Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele)

Friday (STUDIO A)
4:30-5:15  Boys Tap & Hip Hop
5:15-5:45  Boys "Fuzion"
6:00-8:00  Dance Privates (by appt.)

Friday (STUDIO B)
4:00-7:00  Privates (Vocal, Guitar, Piano)

Saturday (STUDIO A)
Dance Privates (by appt.)
*Extra rehearsals as needed (Rhythmic Youth)

**Voice, Guitar and Piano private lessons available by appointment. Call to schedule.**


Pre-K Dance (A combo class of Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics; 45 minutes a week) 3-4 years old

Dance I (A combo class of Ballet, Tap and Pre-Jazz; 1 hour a week) K-2nd grade or teacher's approval

Dance II (A combo class of Ballet, Tap and Jazz; 1hr. 15min. per week) 2nd-4th grade or teacher's approval

Dance III (A combo class of Ballet, Tap and Jazz; 1hr. 30min. per week) 4th-6th grade or teacher's approval

Jr. Lyrical & Contemporary (An introductory class for students I thru III looking to expand their ballet repertoire. The Lyrical and Contemporary styles are more cutting-edge and emotion-driven.)  Grades 3-7 or upon teacher's approval.

Dance IV
(Can combine any of the following classes you wish: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary) Beginner/Intermediate Middle & High Schoolers

Dance V (Can combine any of the following classes you wish: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary) Intermediate/Advanced Middle & High Schoolers

"Fuzion" (A class blending singing, dancing and dramatic arts; students will study various styles and eras of music history.)  Jrs. = Grades 2-6 or teacher's approval; Srs. = Grades 7-12 or teacher's approval; Boys = will separate based on ages that sign up

Vocal Technique and Performance
(A class designed to help singers improve upon techniques such as diction, breathing, pitch and projection, as well as helping them find their unique individual voices.) Jrs. = Grades 3-6 or teacher's approval; Srs. = Grades 7-12 or teacher's approval

Hip Hop (Urban-infused dance style that will get you fit and having fun!) Jrs. = Grades 3-6 or teacher's approval; Srs. = Grades 7-12 or teacher's approval

  Technique & Conditioning (Required for RY students, but all students 9 and up welcome.  A supplemental class to Ballet for more serious dancers.)

Pointe (Ballet en Pointe; Students are permitted to incorporate this into their Ballet class upon teacher's consent. A pointe-ready dancer varies from person to person, and is based on their individual core strength and muscle/joint development, usually being no younger than 12 years old)

Lifts, Jumps, Turns & Acro (A wide-range class for dancers 10 and up with a minimum of 3 years dance training, or upon teacher's consent; this class will not have a routine in the recital this year, but rather focus on techniques for stronger leaps, turns, and partner work in lifts.  Will also implement some tumbling, based on the demand for it.)

Dramatic Arts (Explores the world of theatre, from stage to screen! Games, acting, theatre history, makeup, behind the scenes, improv, costume design and more!) Jrs. = Grades 2-6 or teacher's approval; Srs. = Grades 7-12 or teacher's approval

Adult Dance (Combo class including Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, and Jazz) 19 years and up (Will add this class based on demand; call for more info.)

Private Voice (30-minute to hour sessions; by appointment only)

Private Guitar (30-minute to hour sessions; by appointment only)

Private Piano (30-minute to hour sessions; by appointment only)

"Rhythmic Youth" - TRF's Performance Group (singers, dancers and actors) that participates in various events throughout the Purchase Area.
For students 9 years of age or older who are disciplined, dedicated, and passionate about the arts. *NOTE: Must attend the Vocal & Dance Technique Workshop and Rhythmic Youth Performer's Boot Camp July 18-22 and July 25-29 and audition to be a part of the RY Team.  Miss Tiff will also invite on a selected 1-3 students per year to be a part of RY.  This is based on merit, and if they were unaware of the previous camps.

*NOTE: Ability and years of experience will also contribute to a child's class placement.  Class placement is not always based on age alone.  

MONTHLY TUITON (based on classes taken per week)

Pre-K Dance - $45/month

Dance I - $50/month

Dance II – $55/month

Dance III - $60/month

Dance IV or V Ballet + 1 style of your choice (Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, or Hip Hop) - $65/month

Jr. Hip Hop $40/month

Jr. Lyrical & Contemporary Dance $40/month

Jr. Dramatic Arts - $40/month

Jr. Vocal Technique and Performance $40/month

Jr. Fuzion $40/month

(Combine any 2 of the above four styles for just $60/month

Sr. Dramatic Arts - $40/month

Sr. Vocal Technique and Performance $40/month

Sr. Fuzion $45/month

“Add-on” classes – Add more classes in any performing art to Dance I thru V for just $10 each!  Once enrolled in 5 classes (must include Ballet), extra classes are just $5 each!

"Rhythmic Youth" add-on: $15/month (2 students: $25/month)

*TRF has countless other combinations to choose from!  Don’t see one you love? 
Ask us for assistance on how to create a schedule that's perfect for you and your child!  And remember...the more classes you take, the greater the savings!

Private Lessons
(Separate cost from regular tuition)

$15 per half hour for students who are enrolled in at least one TRF class

$18 per half hour for non-class students

NOTE: ALL dance students are strongly encouraged to be enrolled in a ballet class.  Ballet is the foundation for every other discipline in the dance world and is the BEST way to develop one’s technique. Fuzion students and “Rhythmic Youth” singers are strongly encouraged to take the vocal tech/performance class.

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